We ensure the quality of our products by means of quality product input, quality workmanship and quality control at every stage. All product inputs are tested in our laboratories, the products produced are checked at every stage by the quality control team, and the necessary tests are carried out by our laboratory team in our laboratories. These tests include periodic quality control processes such as color fastness tests, fiber composition control, color control tests, tensile strength tests, peel strength tests, 10,000 times on-off tests, adhesion strength tests, in rubbing, washing and dry cleaning.

In addition to this, we consistently provide internal training programs to turn quality into an institutional culture and maintain the calender for internalizing lean manufacturing techniques. Our rich library, suppliers and consultants constantly encourage our team.

Our R&D team conducts continuous research both in terms of decreasing costs and developing new products, and our company's modern laboratories, rich library, consultants and supplier companies contribute to improvement of our overall team.
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